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BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that is developed in the year 2009 in Sydney, Australia. It is a SAAS service that is used for building online stores. It is hosted by different business models like Business-To-Business (B2B), and Business-To-Customer (B2C). A lot of industries are using BigCommerce to create their websites.  BigCommerce has an efficient security management system that keeps customer information secure. 

Thousands of retailers are clients of BigCommerce and they get support from the BigCommerce offices situated in London, Austin, Sydney, and San Francisco.

It is not free software, but there is a 15-days free trial. BigCommerce comes in different plans namely, Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise.

Big Commerce is a premium hosted eCommerce software.


Our expert developers at Anantatek provide you with all support. The general steps in setting up the online store include the following:

  • Set up a BigCommerce webstore easily

  • Manage the store

  • Customize Themes

  • Set up the shipping methods

  • Set up the payment Gateways

  • Multiple store management

  • Manage the analytics

  • At Anantatek, we follow the steps to start your online store quicker and faster  

  • Create a BigCommerce account

  • Set up store profile

  • Adding business information including business contact details

  • Add users (not necessary)

  • Create Product Categories

  • Create categories and enable Google Shopping, Google Search, and Google Images

  •  Add products to the store 

  •  Add the product information, product options, storefront settings, etc.

  • Include SEO settings

  • BigCommerce helps you to generate organic traffics. The features include optimized page titles and Meta descriptions. Certain features allow graph sharing, which allows you to control what shows up when someone shares your product page on social media channels


Payment Options

Select the payment options, Square, PayPal, or Stripe account, and link the payment gateway to your online store. Otherwise set up a merchant service account, to collect payments. Even wallets can be linked and used as payment solutions. Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Chase Pay, Google Pay, etc. can be linked to your store. Certain offline options like money orders, cash on delivery, and in-store pay are used at the physical stores.

Israeli Currency

Multi-currency Options

There are options in BigCommerce to set up multicurrency, else, your store transactions will be done on the default currency. The default currency is determined from the billing address. BigCommerce has a feature to display prices in various currencies.


Shipping methods

Different shipping methods are used with BigCommerce.  Free shipping, flat-rate shipping, Ship by weight or the total order, and pick up in-store are the shipping methods used. The shipping options can be connected to popular shipping carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Blue Theme Stationery

Customize themes

Themes play an important role in designing the online store. Themes are selected to create the overall design, look, and feel of the online store. BigCommerce has a default theme, called, Cornerstone, which is a simple theme with functional layouts. It applies to many types of stores. Apart from the default theme,  you can use the upgraded design and added functionality employing the paid ones.

Baker Online Store

Multiple store management

This feature of BigCommerce allows to launch and maintain multiple online stores attending to aimed at audiences and channels. 



The analytic tools used in BigCommerce produce various reports that point to the critical metrics for customer data, orders, and marketing. The analytics tools can create reports on the number of visitors, identify the customer trends,  store overview reports, real-time reports, marketing reports, and orders reports. Also, these report produces some more in-depth information like add to cart rate, cart evacuation rate, customer lifetime value, and the final conversation rate.

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