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Chat App Development Solution

A chat app is an application or platform that permits users to send a message and connect by employing a mobile phone or a computer. There are a lot of companies developing chat apps. The chat apps make it easy to communicate thru messages in real-time. Messaging apps are very much useful in sharing information individually or in groups

At AnataTek our expert team will be developing the chat apps according to your personnel or business needs. We assure the following feature

  • Login

  • Authorization

  • Unsurpassed Customization

  • Instant messaging

  • Accessing your Contacts list

  • Push Notifications

  • Exchange messages, and files

  • Send Photos

  • Sharing current geographical location

  • Cloud synchronization (storage and backing-up)

  • Data Security with Encryption

  • Broadcast messages

  • Cross-platform messaging (hybrid or platform independent)

  • Dark and light modes

  •  E-Wallet

Apart from those common features, we offer some outstanding features exclusively

  • Chatbots

  • Disappearing messages (self-destructing)

  • Features like status, stories, etc.

  • Games

  • Stickers (expressing the emotions in communication)

  • Feeds

  • Public channels

  • Audio rooms.

  • Video calls

  • Channels and groups

  • On-schedule messages

  • Immersive User Experience

  • VR and AR

  • Invisible Ink (opened only with decryption code)

Advantages of Developing a Chat App for Your Business

  • Easy business communication between individuals as well as groups

  • Real-time communication

  • Task management

  • Organize and categorize contacts

  • Makes a perception of a team even working in the comfort zone

  • The platform for instant business meetings, video conferences, and project discussions 

  • Secure chats and automatic destructions of messages in the devices after a limited a time

  • Schedule messages

  • Interactive messaging

  • Message statistics

  • Automatic greetings messages

  • Create own stickers

  • Location sharing

  • Catalogs to showcase the products

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