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AnantaTek provides you with the facility of Cloud Architecture. The components that are being combined to build a cloud are termed Cloud Architecture. These components are a front-end platform, a back-end platform, a network, and a cloud-based delivery model. These technologies together create cloud computing that enables apps to run.


Cloud Architecture provides some benefits like it reduces storage. The main reason why cloud computing is in demand is because of the shift from capital expenditure to operating expense.

Why should you go for Cloud Architecture? 

  • Delivery of apps gets increased. 

  • Cloud architecture helps you modernize applications and helps in digital transformation. 

  • Transparency in the resources helps in reducing the cost too. 

  • Faster provisioning of resources. 

  • Consistency in meeting services. 


How Do We Work Toward Cloud Architecture?

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Here, the services of cloud computing are controlled by the network provider. These resources are distributed across multiple tenants by the internet. It is beneficial too. It reduces the operating cost. It has little to maintain.

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Private with its name means a network that is being operated privately by a person or an organization. There can be multiple server locations because of the geographically scattered facilities. 

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Hybrid with its name means that it is being operated publicly and privately both ways. Using both private and public modes, IT resources enable organisations to migrate the workload depending on the environment.

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Multi-Cloud means, a network that uses many different public cloud networks. It is used to support multi microservices where services exist on multiple clouds. The environment is more flexible here in comparison to others.

Invest Smartly

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