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Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting service is offered by Ananta Tek. At Ananta Tek throughout the world, our cloud hosting service makes applications and websites accessible. Our cloud hosting service provides security, support, sensitive data, and performance. Our services are located around the world with the management infrastructure.

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Server Uptime get increased

Ananta Tek services are built to meet your website requirements. We collaborate to ensure that there is no single point of failure. We build up the structure that makes it a whole different from traditional hosting


Cloud hosting comes up with an established infrastructure unlike the traditional one and that indeed leads to an increase in the security of the system. Cloud services provide a secure and encrypted solution. In cloud hosting, we will take care of the expenditures, unlike the traditional method. You only need to pay for the services and resources that you are using

Environment-friendly and flexible scalability of resources

The cloud servers are used to their full capacity which helps in saving energy and the environment. Cloud hosting reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the needs. In the traditional systems, they have rigid specifications and limited resources. But in the case of cloud hosting increasing or decreasing the resources like RAM, storage, etc.

Shared Office
You can use it from anywhere, it also increases group collaborations

There is independence in choosing the location. It's available over the internet and can be accessed from any part of the world. Cloud hosting has a feature where any employee can work on the same project even while sitting in different places. This feature is not available in the traditional system. This feature increases group collaborations.

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Digital Assurance

We at AnantaTek, Validate your digital assets as a singular, AI driven solution that generates better UX, and business outcomes

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Reality Solution

We transform operating costs with intelligent visual support.

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Automation & Analytics

We help you reduce your time and enhance real time understanding of the customer's journey. Through Automation we improve customer experience and generate revenue.

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