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Hospitality apps are application programs that are aimed to keep the relationship between the guests and hosts. Hospitality includes welcoming, providing customer service, and considering other goodwill of a guest.



Our professionally successful software team can provide the app with many features that can improve the guest's experiences. Hospitality applies to distinct fields

  • Hotels business

  • Lodging industry

  • Recreation clubs

  • Beverage Industry

  • Travel and tourism

  • Event management businesses

Since hospitality is a completely service-based business field, many things affect its functioning. Thus each point is to be considered while developing the app

Some of them are

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Better guest communication

  • The online room reservation system

  • Chats to provide full front desk experience

  • Notifications

  • Payment Integration

  • Cost comparison facility

  • Room selection and Floor selection

  • Extra items including food items

  • Customized Emails and SMS management

  • Guest arrival lists

  • Room upgrades

  • Better Room service

  • In-stay communication

  • Room categories

  • QR code generator

  • Customized guest surveys

  • Guest feedbacks

  • Net promotor score

  • Loyalty programs

  • Complimentary discounts

  • Rewards programs

Image by Marcelo Leal

Apart from these, certain self-services are also made possible thru the app

  • Check-ins and check-outs

  • Reservation for dinner

  • Laundry services

  • Service orders

  • Online payments

  • Booking for spa, massage, etc.

Next Generation apps

The Next Generation Hospitality apps come with the new technologies like,

  • IoT in hospitality to share information across the connected devices

  • VR can virtually (digitally) transport customers to a travel site

  • IoT devices can implement app-enabled modules for door locking, and operating room appliances. TV, etc.

  • Biometric payment strategies

  • Ensure cybersecurity.

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