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HR Dashboard 


HR Dashboard

HR Dashboard enables the HRs to keep a track and report on the HR KPIs. The modern dashboard gives a platform that makes it easy to combine the data and deeply explore data directly within the dashboard. This helps HRs in recruiting, managing the workplace and enhancing employee performance.

There are certain Dashboards that you can look at; Executive HR Dashboard, Employee Performance Dashboard, Employee Development Dashboard, Workforce Demographics Dashboard, Workforce Diversity Dashboard, Women in the workforce Dashboard, Gender Salary Comparison Dashboard. 

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What all capacity to look at while looking for a HR Dashboard 

Here are what capacities you can look at in a HR Dashboard. 


  • Fully Interactive 

It leverages the data directly on the dashboard to explore and analyze the data. 

  • Data sources 

It is easy to combine all the data from systems and apps like HCM, Payroll, recruiting, learning and more. 


  • Augmented Analytics 

Dashboards are now highly contextualized with AI and they are highly collaborative and they are maturing into a hub.

  • Alerts and Reporting 

Modern dashboards are set on a regular basis and then they send alerts to KPIs. 


  • Build for Mobile 

Dashboards functionality with full interactive cloud analytics and optimize your data. 


  • Data preparation 

It manages your data, staffing, development, safety & health, employee and labor. It let you spend less time preparing the data. 

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