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Magento Enterprise Solution

Magento Enterprise or Magento Commerce is a paid version of an eCommerce solution for medium and big online stores. It comes with many features like installation, setting up, and other services

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Our Company

We configure customized and optimized business models with Magento Enterprise solutions. The enterprise edition is commonly used by enterprise customers.

We as a software development company can perform the optimizations to get faster loading, high page ranking, and improve User experience which lead to higher conversion rates .The important features of the Magento Enterprise solution over other editions are 

  • Data security

Enterprise edition offers many security features like multiple secure payment gateways, external penetration testing, malware scanning, etc.

  • Scalability

It has the extensibility feature to scale up and down as and when needed

  • High-performance capability

Faster even with a large number of products and when high traffic required

  • Advanced features offering scalability and reliability

Advanced ACL, content staging, customer segmentation, SOLR search, RMA functionality

  • Marketing

Some SEO features like customizing meta tags, headings, URLs, etc. are available with the Enterprise edition

Benefits of Enterprise edition

Magento Enterprise has simplified the entire process, making it easy for you to stage, present, and schedule your products, categories, promotional offers, and updates in an ideal presentation. 


We can make you the eCommerce website using Magento Enterprise and provide you with the following:


 Magento Enterprise license with many features

 Ability to handle larger websites efficiently

 Faster re-indexing (rebuilds an index with the index table contents)

Dedicated Support

High productivity

Customer Loyalty

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Image by Marvin Meyer

Our company can assure the following with the Magento Enterprise

  • Landing page creation and customization

  • Integrate with Google analytics

  • Admin Dashboard 

  • Reports on sales made, tax, etc.

  • Order Tracking 

  • Order Updates

  • Recently ordered product list

  • Shipping 

  • Reviews

  • Similar products

  • Different images of the products with zooming

  • Filtering of products in search results

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