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PrestaShop is an open-source and e-commerce platformused forcreating professional, and customer-centric online stores. It is a webwritten in PHP.  PrestaShop supports to MYSQL database. It uses the PHP framework, Symfony.

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PrestaShop is not fully free, but it is a freemium model. So basic and limited features are free. The premium version is charged one and comes with all the advanced features. Web hosting is needed to connect the store permanently (full time). PrestaShop has certain features like item tracking and out-of-stock alerts. It has certain advanced SEO capabilities also

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System Requirements

Operating system:   Unix, Windows, or Linux

Suggested server: Apache HTTP Server 2.2 or newer

RAM capacity          Minimum 256MB

Game Developers

PrestaShop Features

Webshops designed with PrestaShop eCommerce software can handle a large amount of data with high speed so that it is considered high-yielding. It has multi-lingual and multi-currency support features

Smart Phone

PrestaShop Development

It needs some technical experience to set up the store. We have the best team at who serve all your needs to start the online store with PrestaShop.Allow the customers to use an effective website and smooth shopping experience with the PrestaShop platform.

At, our dedicated support team will be able to provide your webshop with providing the best performance. Our team sets up and customizes the store as per your desire. Our team will help to maintain the store with a responsive design so, you can operate with a laptop or smartphone on a 24/7 basis.

The steps involved are:

1.  Find out the best hosting solution and get the best domain name

2.  Find out a name for the online store. It should be something related to the brands

3.  Download PrestaShop (freemium or paid premium)

4.  Create the Catalogue

5.  Include theme designs and other modules.

6. Select the payment and shipping options

7. Activate the Store

8. log in to the store and check whether the working is proper or not

Support Team

Apart from setting up the PrestaShop online store, we promise certain extra services also to our clients.

  1. Upgradation

                       Upgrading the existing webshop to the latest release of PrestaShop

  1. Migrating from another platform to the PrestaShop platform

Completely changing the environment and making the customizations as per the client’s needs. Even though migration is a difficult task, we have our team to fulfill all the requirements with the new platform

We provide support and maintenance to our clients, as and when needed. The support can be in technical issues or updates or the complete performance of the software.

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