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theCloudTree RIM Services ensures the high performance and availability of your important business services by managing the resources your company relies on completely or partially.


Selective Outsourcing Services Provide the Most Flexibility

theCloudTree RIM Services are designed to meet IT governance and compliance requirements, allowing you to selectively retain control while outsourcing specific IT tasks that give the most business value. We collaborate to create a flexible and customised solution that matches your present and future IT infrastructure while scaling as your needs change.


Automated and Standardized Components Enable Rapid Delivery

RIM Services components are standardised and use automated functions, allowing for quick delivery using established off-the-shelf tools and technologies from our technology partners. Our delivery model strikes a balance between efficiency and operational risk reduction.

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Increase your return on investment while lowering your IT management and administration costs.

theCloudTree RIM Services are built on a shared service paradigm that allows us to respond quickly to changing resource needs while also lowering costs by using resource efficiencies across a larger client base.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Remote Infrastructure Management Services, or RIM, can be offered on customer-owned or leased theCloudTree equipment and are delivered remotely through the theCloudTree-designed Enterprise Operations Center (EOC). At theCloudTree throughout the world, our RIM services provide monitoring, administration, management, and optimization of your IT infrastructure from an on-shore, near-shore, or distant location. Our Enterprise Operations Centers are located around the world, with our management infrastructure secure in our Uptime Institute Tier III Design Certified Data Center facility, which provides 99.952% uptime.

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theCloudTree has a lot of experience with RIM services, from delivery locations all over the world to various industry verticals and customers of all sizes. Our tried-and-true processes, which are based on industry best practises and international standards, ensure that our clients receive great service. theCloudTree provides this service to worldwide standards while keeping local nuances that enable us to tailor our services to fit the specific demands of our local and regional clients.



Our RIM Service Elements, as well as our RIM Service Categories, enable you to choose the appropriate service for your needs. Our adaptable service model ensures that you get the right service at the right time, according to your specific needs.

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